Purchasing Sample Glass

Here is the place to order stained glass samples so you can view possible choices up close & personal!  Stained glass comes in all sorts of colors, streaky and solid, plain and vivid, along with various textures including mirror glass, VanGogh glass, granite, stippled and smooth.  Making a final decision for your special piece over the internet can seem overwhelming.  With so many choices, having sample glass pieces you can see and touch greatly helps in the final selections for your custom mirror.

And if you need help deciding what samples to order, just let me know and I can make suggestions…I am always happy to help.

Use the button PayPal button on this page if you’d like to purchase a sample set of in-stock pieces of stained glass for any of the mosaic mirrors seen on this website, or other colors you might be interested in.  The price is $9.00 for every 10 sample pieces I have in stock (includes shipping/handling).  If you need more colors, you may also order 2 sets and you will receive 20 different glass samples of your choice (see drop-down menu).

After you order the number of glass sets you want sent, please send me an email to let me know your colors of choice.  I will confirm those color choices with you.

If, after you receive your samples, you decide to order a custom mosaic mirror, I will refund back the price of any samples you paid for.  

Contact Us to send a message, or send email to: Pam@Mosaicartsandmore.com

Sample Sets