Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, no doubt.  Let’s find you some answers below to those questions we get most frequently:

How are the Mosaic Mirrors made?

The mirrors are composed of many different materials which are listed under each piece I offer.  I use ceramic tile, stained glass, mirror glass, beads, shells, small pebbles, gems, old buttons, and anything else that might look nice (or interesting).  All mirrors are mounted on 1/2″ plywood frames (for strength and stability), which are then sanded and sealed to minimize adhesion materials soaking into the wood.  Sanded grout is always used for maximum stability.   The grout is then sealed.

How do I hang my mirror?

D-rings are used on the back of the piece for maximum strength when hanging.  Many of my mirrors are fairly heavy; please make sure you use an appropriate wall anchoring system prior to hanging your mirror.  A simple long nail will NOT work for these pieces unless it happens to hit a stud in the wall.

Can the Mosaic Mirrors be customized?

Absolutely! I am very willing to make a custom mosaic mirror to suit your decor, so if there’s a particular mirror you like, but the colors just won’t work, tell me what colors would, and I can custom make your mirror (often for no additional charge if the approximate size stays the same).   Likewise, if you see a round mosaic mirror and you like the colors but would rather have a square/rectangular/oval mirror, I can use those same colors in the shape of your choice (in this case there may be additional charges if the overall mirror ends up being larger or more complex; I will let you know the additional costs ahead of time).  In mirrors with specific designs, you can further customize a mirror to add flowers, leaves, shells and various colors.
If you order a custom piece from me, I require 1/2 down payment at the time of the order (to purchase your mirror, glass, and other supplies) and the balance (plus packing & shipping) due before mailing.

Is there any way I can see the mosaic pieces (to insure color choice) prior to actually purchasing a mirror?

Yes.   Please see the details on our Purchase Samples page.