About Mosaic Mirrors by Pam (formerly Mosaic Arts and More)

After years of doing all sorts of work (no further boring details here!)...I decided to switch gears and try working with my hands.  I started by learning simple drawing techniques, then added watercolors, along with drying and pressing flowers from my garden.  Around the same time a friend who had been creating some small mosaic pieces suggested the two of us try making a few simple mosaic candle holders for tables at a friend's upcoming wedding.  I enjoyed working with stained glass and ceramics and later decided to attempt to make a stained glass mosaic mirror for myself.  After completing that first mosaic mirror, I spent some time coming up with designs for other mirrors.  One year later I began taking some of my finished pieces to local art shops and small boutique stores just to see where that might lead.  Receiving feedback from store owners and customers was rewarding and helpful and selling my pieces even more so! I later expanded the business into a website and began making and selling custom mosaic mirrors over the internet.  That was over 10 years ago and I've been making mirrors ever since, with business building over time.  Meeting new people/customers and helping them work through the process of color selection, shape, and design is what I love to do.  I hope to be at it for a very long time!